Mary dropped the cup, while she was wiping it. It fell on the table, and from there it fell on the floor. There was no carpet in the kitchen, and so, when the cup fell on the kitchen floor, it broke into many pieces.

Mary sat down on a chair and put her elbow on the table. She covered her eyes with her hand. She was tired. Very tired.

Her son left home two months ago, and he didn’t call her to say hello. He didn’t call her to ask her, if she needed anything. He didn’t call at all.

Well, she didn’t need anything. Really. She was only tired.

Her husband was watching a football match in the living room. Again. ‘There are too many football matches in the world,’ she thought.

Suddenly, she heard a loud crash outside. She stood up immediately and opened the window. She was tired, but she was curious much more than she was tired. She wanted to know what was going on.

There was an accident on the road right below window. There was a damaged car. It crashed into one of the lamp posts. The lamp post was bent.

There was also a bicycle lying on the road. It was damaged too. A few metres from the bicycle, there was a young man lying on the road. He was not moving.

People came from everywhere. They were trying to help the young man on the road, but he was not moving. He seemed to be dead.

A few minutes later, the ambulance arrived and picked the boy up from the road. They put him into the car and quickly took him to the hospital. ‘Who knows, maybe they will save his life,’ Mary thought.

She closed the window because she was cold. She looked at the broken cup. ‘Our life is like a cup,’ Mary thought. ‘It can break into many pieces so easily.’

‘What happened?’ her husband called from the living room.

‘Nothing!’ she called back to him.

‘OK,’ he called again. ‘Can I have another beer?’

wipe /waɪp/ – utierať

at all – vôbec (na konci zápornej vety / otázky)

what is going on – čo sa deje

accident /ˈæksɪdənt/ – nehoda

damaged /ˈdæmɪdʒt/ – zničený, poškodený

lamp post /ˈlæmp pəʊst/ – lampový stĺp

seemed to be – zdal sa byť