There are hundreds, if not thousands, of success stories around us. You can read about them on the internet, watch them on TV or talk to your friends about them. Those stories are everywhere.

When people want to achieve something that they have never done before, it is always a big challenge for them. Always.

It is not easy to start doing something from the beginning. Everything is new and many people are scared that they will fail.

For example, how do you start a flower shop, when you don’t know anything about the flowers? And you don’t know anything about the shop. And invoices. And marketing. And… there are so many things… How? Well, you learn. And the best way to learn is by doing it.

I remember reading about one man. He was a very successful top manager of a big international corporation.

One night, after a long day at work, one of his younger colleagues was taking him home. As he was driving, he asked this successful manager for advice. He wanted to know what he should do in order to become as successful as him.

The manager thought about it for a while and then he said: ‘I will tell you only one thing, which I think is the most important for you, if you want to achieve something in your life.

You see, many people say “I will learn English” or “I will start a new business” or “I will learn to code.” And that’s all fine. But most of they will never do it,’ he said and then he continued.

‘Do you know what the difference is between those people and me? When I want to do something, I do it today. Not tomorrow. Today. Do you understand?

‘For example, right now I am tired as hell and I can’t wait to go to bed. But, although I am very tired, when I come home, I will read at least a few chapters from my book. Only then I will go to bed.

‘To be successful, you need to have discipline. And most people don’t have it.’ he said.

‘Remember this! If you want to do something, just do it. Because in most cases, if you do not do it today, you never will.

‘And that’s the reason why most people fail.’

achieve /əˈtʃiːv/ – dosiahnuť

challenge /ˈtʃælɪndʒ/ – výzva

successful /səkˈsesfl/ – úspešný

you see – vieš…

discipline /ˈdɪsəplɪn/ – disciplína