Many people think that if they were rich, they would have no problems. They think that their life would be easy, they could do whatever they want and they would have a lot of friends as well.

But some people do not agree.

For example, Mark Presson. He is a Swedish programmer and he is famous for making the PC game Minecraft. It is a very popular game and there is a lot of money in it. But it does not belong to Mark Presson anymore. He sold his game to Microsoft for $2.5 billion. So, Mark doesn’t own the game now, but he is very, very rich. But is he happy?

He wrote many posts on social networks. In them he said that he now has to wait for his friends, who have families and go to work, to come back from work before he can meet them and have a few beers.

He also says that he can go to holiday destinations anytime he wants. He can party with famous people, and drink and dance, but when he does that, he always feels isolated and lonely.

He says that when you have too much money and you can buy anything you want, it becomes a problem, because then you have no motivation to work on something new. You lose your goals, you lose your working habits, and all this together leads to the fact that you have a problem to communicate with other people in a normal and usual way.

Mark says that when you have too much money, you get only friends, who are with you because of it.

Maybe he is right. And maybe he is doing something wrong. Who knows…

lonely /ˈləʊnli/ – osamelý

because of – kvôli (niečomu/ niekomu)