L-3: Washington Post is Laying off People

Allegedly... The Washington Post, the American newspaper, has lost some 500,000 subscribers over the last two years. The things are getting worse and the management have decided to act. They called a big meeting of all employees in one of the town halls and the CEO of the newspaper explained to them that they will … Continue reading L-3: Washington Post is Laying off People

L-1: Dialogues 20

https://open.spotify.com/episode/21y0XaDQwNvccYAKhmQnW6?si=8oDZwJj9R-mtFxaJdg5lfg 'What are they building here?' 'I don't know exactly. I think it will be a new shopping centre.' 'Another shopping centre! They built one shopping centre last year! And it is not far from here.' 'I know.' 'Who goes there? Everybody says that people don't have money.' 'Yes, I know. I hear it all … Continue reading L-1: Dialogues 20

L-1: Dialogues 19

https://open.spotify.com/episode/6H1nfXtUmptXitGdAPOk6J?si=pkGmSLbBTOmQ1DMzreZ-8A 'Did you say something?' 'No, I didn't say anything. I am reading now. Did you hear something?' 'Yes, I think I heard something. I thought that someone said something. Probably, I only imagined it.' 'Probably. I didn't say anything and there is nobody else here.' 'Yes, I know. I am sorry. I didn't want … Continue reading L-1: Dialogues 19