‘How did I get here?’ he asked himself. He woke up in a strange room five minutes ago. He didn’t know the place. He got up from his bed and walked across the room. He was cold.

He walked on the wooden floor to the window. He looked through the glass and saw a big mountain with a lot of snow. The snow was everywhere. It was a cold winter morning.

a mountain in winter from behind a window - jan vrabec - sparrow's english reader - Level 1 English for beginners
a mountain with snow / blog: L-1: Doctor Wakes Up In a Cold Room

He had only a T-shirt with long sleeves on. He had no sweater or jacket. ‘Where am I?’ he asked himself again. He tried to open the window, but it was locked.

Just then the door behind him opened. Two men came in. They wore warm jackets and woollen sweaters. They were warm. One of them had a gun in his hand.

‘Good morning, doctor. I hope you slept well,’ said one of the men and they both laughed.

‘Where am I? Why am I here?’ asked the doctor. ‘What do you want from me?’

‘I am sorry, but I cannot give you any answers,’ said the man with the gun. ‘But our boss is coming. He will be here this evening and he will tell you everything you need to know.’

After he said that, the other man walked to the doctor. He had a thick woollen sweater in his hands and a woollen hat and gloves. He gave them to the doctor and said: ‘Put these on so that you stay warm. The heating in this house is broken, but we are working on it.’

Then he turned and walked to the door. There he stopped and turned to the doctor again. ‘Somebody will bring you hot soup and some bread in a few minutes.’

Then they left the room and locked the door on the outside.

strange /streɪndʒ/ – zvláštny

wooden /ˈwʊdn/ – drevený

sleeve /sliːv/ – rukáv

woollen /ˈwʊlən/ – vlnený

thick /θɪk/ – hrubý

heating /ˈhiːtɪŋ/ – kúrenie