Nobody was in front of him and nobody was walking behind. A man dressed in dark clothes was crossing the bridge on a rainy day. It had been raining heavily and all was still wet and foggy as he was rhythmically walking on.

It seemed he was the only man outside. People were hiding at their homes, watching TV, reading or cooking something nice for dinner. And maybe not. It was possible that some people were outside, walking around the pools of rainwater with their heads down and watching the tips of their boots as they were moving forward.

However, on the bridge there was nobody. He was the only living soul stepping on the slippery stones surrounded by the morning fog.

man on a stony bridge in the foggy morning - jan vrabec sparrow's English Reader - Level 3 English
blog: L-3: On the Bridge

How difficult is it to get rid of some things? How difficult is it to run away from the things or the people you cannot stand anymore? It might be very difficult, but it is possible.

The man threw a black leather case over the wall of the bridge to the flowing river. He scared a group of nearby birds which had not expected him to do that. The case hit the water and he could hear the sound of splashing water, but he did not stop. He did not care. He wanted to get rid of his thoughts. And this was the only way how he could do it. At least he hoped that it would work.

Nobody saw him do it. Nobody, except for the flock of birds which he had scared and which were now circling above his head.

rhythmically /ˈrɪðmɪkli/ – (rytmicky) – with a regular pattern of sounds, movements or events

soul /səʊl/ – (duša) – the spiritual part of a person, believed to exist after death

slippery /ˈslɪpəri/ – (šmykľavý) – difficult to hold or to stand or move on, because it is smooth, wet or polished

surround /səˈraʊnd/ – (obkolesiť, obklopiť) – to be all around something/somebody

fog /fɒɡ/ – (hmla) – a thick cloud of very small drops of water in the air close to the land or sea, that is very difficult to see through it

flow /fləʊ/ – (prúdiť, tiecť) – (of liquid, gas or electricity) to move steadily and continuously in one direction

get rid of – (zbaviť sa niečoho/niekoho) – to make yourself free of somebody/something that is annoying you or that you do not want; to throw something away

flock /flɒk/ – (kŕdeľ)- a group of sheep, goats or birds of the same type