The Washington Post, the American newspaper, has lost some 500,000 subscribers over the last two years. The things are getting worse and the management have decided to act.

They called a big meeting of all employees in one of the town halls and the CEO of the newspaper explained to them that they will have to lay off many people working for the company.

Of course, this news was not taken well by the employees present at the meeting. Some started shouting at the CEO and demanded some job guarantees. The CEO didn’t give them any guarantees and quickly left the meeting.

The loss of subscribers is a big problem for many newspapers because they have problem to sell advertisements and make money.

The management will need to make an analysis of the problem. They will need to find out the reason why they are losing so many subscribers.

It looks like they write a lot of articles which nobody wants to read.

a man with burning newspaper / blog: L-3: Washington Post is Laying off People

subscriber /səbˈskraɪbə(r)/ – (odoberateľ) – a person who pays money, usually once a year, to receive regular copies of a magazine or newspaper or have access to it online

lay off – (prepustiť z práce) – to stop employing somebody because there is not enough work for them to do

CEO /ˌsiː iː ˈəʊ/ (Chief Executive Officer) – (konateľ) – the person with the highest rank in a business company

demand /dɪˈmɑːnd/ – (požadovať) – to make a very strong request for something

guarantee /ˌɡærənˈtiː/ – (záruka) – a formal promise that you will do something or that something will happen

loss /lɒs/ – (strata) – the state of no longer having something or as much of something; the process that leads to this

analysis /əˈnæləsɪs/ – (analýza) – the detailed study or examination of something in order to understand more about it; the result of the study

It looks like – (zdá sa/ vyzerá to tak, že) – it appears / it seems