The inspector and his team looked for Big Baby. They looked for him for three days, but they could not find him. Big Baby disappeared, and nobody knew where.

‘Maybe he is dead,’ said Mary.

‘I don’t think so,’ said inspector. They were in front of a bar. They heard the music through the closed door. ‘We didn’t find his body. He is alive. And he is hiding.’

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‘Maybe he already left the city,’ said Tony, the inspector’s right hand.

‘It is possible,’ said the inspector. ‘But I don’t think that he left the city. He needs to stay close. He doesn’t trust his men.’

‘So?’ said Mary.

‘So he will appear somewhere soon. He wants to get the money, before his men steal it from him.’

‘Do you think his men are so stupid? Do you think that they will take Big Baby’s share? They must know that if they take his money, he will kill them,’ said Tony.

‘Yes, they know that,’ said the inspector. ‘But they also know that we are looking for him. They know that we want to find him and catch him.’

‘Do you think that they know where Big Baby is?’ asked Mary.

‘No,’ said the inspector. ‘ They don’t.’

‘How can you be so sure?’ asked Mary again. She lit a cigarette and blew the smoke to her right side.

‘They don’t know. If they know, they will tell us,’ said the inspector.

‘But why?’ Mary didn’t understand. ‘Big Baby is their boss.’

‘Yes. And they are afraid of him. That’s the reason why they want to see Big Baby in prison. Big Baby in prison means that they can take his money and run away,’ said the inspector and he took Mary’s cigarette out of her mouth. He threw it on the ground and stepped on it.

‘Let’s go!’ he said and they went inside.

disappear /ˌdɪsəˈpɪə(r)/ – zmiznúť

trust /trʌst/ – veriť (niekomu), dôverovať

appear /əˈpɪə(r)/ – zjaviť sa, objaviť sa

share /ʃeə(r)/ – podiel

That’s the reason why – to je dôvod prečo

prison /ˈprɪzn/ – väzenie