Lucy is afraid of dogs. When she was a little girl, a big dog attacked her and bit her in her leg. Even today she has a big scar on her calf.

Now she doesn’t know what to do. Her very good friend called her yesterday and invited her to her birthday party. She meets with her friend very often, but they always meet in the city for a coffee with chocolate cake.

But Mary, her friend, will have her birthday party at home, and she has two big dogs. Some of her friends will bring their dogs to the party, too, and Lucy is afraid that the dogs will attack her again.

Mary says that her dogs are nice and calm, but Lucy does not agree with her. She doesn’t know why, but Mary’s dogs don’t like her. Maybe they feel that she is afraid of them. She met them once or twice when Mary took them for a walk, and they growled at her.

No, she cannot go to her party. She is going to call Mary this afternoon and tell her that she isn’t coming.

dog = sparrow's english reader - level 1 easy english for learners
a confused dog / blog: L-1: Birthday Party with Dogs

attack /əˈtæk/ – zaútočiť, napadnúť

scar /skɑː(r)/ – jazva

calf /kɑːf/ – lýtko

growl /ɡraʊl/ – vrčať