There was a man in front of the window. He was sitting in a leather armchair. He was wearing a dark-blue suit and a dark-blue tie. Both were very expensive. Everything about him was expensive.

He was holding a glass of whiskey in one of his hands and he was looking at a woman who was sitting opposite him. There was a mahogany table between them and on it, there was nothing. Nothing except for a green file with some documents inside.

The woman was scared, but she was trying not to show it. She had rich blond hair falling on her shoulders and she was dressed in expensive clothes too. She wanted to leave the room and never come back. This was the worst business meeting she had ever had. But she couldn’t. Not until she got what she came for.

‘So, what now?’ she asked and waited for the man to reply.

He was slowly turning the glass in his hand, while he was looking at the woman. Then he drank a bit from the glass and put it on the table between him and the woman. As he had his hand over the table, he moved the file closer to the woman.

‘Take it.’

The woman could not believe her ears. She wanted to grab the papers and run with them away. But she didn’t move. She knew that everything has its cost in this world. And she knew that they were going to pay for this a lot of money. Now she only needed to hear how much.

‘How much?’ she asked the man.

‘How much?’ he said and smiled. ‘I didn’t say that I am selling it to you. I said – take it.’

The woman looked into his cold eyes for a few seconds. Then she took the file and stood up. She quickly put it into her handbag. The man didn’t move.

‘They will not agree, you know that,’ she said and a second later, she started walking towards the door. There she stopped and turned to the man again. ‘They will never give it to you. Never.’

He picked up the glass from the table and leaned back in the chair. He took a sip of his whiskey, looked at the glass in his hand and said loudly enough for the woman to hear it:

‘They will.’

business deal - man in leather armchair - ján vrabec sparrow's english reader level 3 english for students
‘They will.’ / blog: Business Deal

She quietly opened the door and left.

except for – okrem

grab – schmatnúť

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