A small squirrel got into a little pastry shop somewhere in Scotland. The owner of the shop and the employees laughed and they took a picture of it.

But when they wanted to get the squirrel out of the shop, they found out that they had a problem. The squirrel didn’t want to leave the pastry shop.

There were all kinds of cakes and breads and it smelled nice in the shop. And it was nicely warm there, too. Of course that the squirrel didn’t want to leave and go to the cold forest.

Allegedly, the owner had to close the shop for tree days. He could not have his pastry shop open when there was an animal inside.

But they couldn’t catch the squirrel. When they came near it, it always hid behind the shelves, and cupboards, or it quickly climbed the walls and disappeared in the back of the big room.

Students from a secondary school offered their help. They made few groups and they wanted to change after a few hours. They were ready to sleep in the shop and they hoped to catch the squirrel.

Allegedly the first group of the students caught the little animal and they took it out to the park near the shop. They put the squirrel on the grass and watched how it disappeared among the trees.

pastry /ˈpeɪstri/ – pečivo

disappear /ˌdɪsəˈpɪə(r)/ – zmiznúť

among /əˈmʌŋ/ – medzi