Klaus Iohannis, president of Romania, asked for more U.S. army in the Eastern Europe “from the Baltic to the Black Sea”. He wants more soldiers to protect Eastern Europe against Russia and Vladimir Putin.

He said this at a conference of the Bucharest Nine – Romania, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. All these countries were either members of Soviet Union or they were under control of Moscow during the Cold War. Now, they all are members of European Union and NATO.

Iohannis told Biden (US President), who attended the conference via video link, that there was more of Russian army activity in the Black Sea region. He said ‘I asked for more NATO and US Army in the south of the Eastern Europe.’

Polish President Andrzej Duda said that he was happy that Russia took some of their army back from the borders with Ukraine. “But there is no doubt that the situation there is very difficult, that Ukrainian territory is occupied,” Duda said. “Neither Europe nor the world can take their eyes off this part of our continent.”

The Bucharest Nine initiative was started by Romania and Poland in 2015 to discuss regional problems.

Full NATO meeting will take place on 14th June in Brussels.

*source: Euronews

either.. or.. /ˈaɪðə(r).. /ɔː(r)../ – buď… alebo…

Neithernor … /ˈnaɪðə(r)… nɔː(r)../ – ani.. ani..

take their eyes off – odtrhnúť oči; odvrátiť zrak

take place – konať sa

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