From time to time, we all need to take a rest and clear our heads of all the troubles of either the work or family life. And there are numerous ways to do that, ranging from a weekend in a spa to a week in a hotel resort with various things to do.

However, as they say, the best things are for free. And there is a pinch of truth to it. If all men were created equal, they were made equal in their nakedness. There is no equality, where the money is. The same goes for things which we can get only if we pay for them, and in our complex society, it is the way things are – you pay for everything. But do you really?

You can read a book. Granted, you may need to buy it first, but perhaps you can borrow one from your friend or a library. It costs close to nothing and you have a way of relaxation with the benefit of learning something, improving your language skills or simply being taken into a different place and time.

Walk a dog. Meet a friend. Have few beers. The social contact is of the utmost importance and we all have learnt our lesson during the covid closure of the social life as we know it. But if you are more of a introverted nature, and in order to relax, all you need is have a time for yourself and your thoughts, I recommend you go for a walk in the forest.

They say that green is the colour of peace and harmony. Identified with Mother Earth, it is thought to have some healing powers on an individual’s soul and mind. It is said that the green puts body and mind into harmony, that the people inclined to think logically find their feelings to be more relaxing and on the other hand the people otherwise more emotional can suddenly have some logical thoughts running through their head, should they find themselves in the green surroundings.

Not to get too spiritual, walking in the woods is one of the time proven ways to relax and find some inner peace. If you have a day off and can afford to get away from your work, I strongly encourage you to put some hot tea or coffee into your thermos bottle and sett off to the woods near your city, be it alone or with your friends and family.

And if you happen to be walking by a lake with green trees all around, you can stop and stand still for a few moments with your eyes wide open to see for yourself, whether what they say about green colour is really true or not.

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