I walked about the town, watching the people sitting, passing by or waiting at the bus stops. It was quite a sight. Especially the school-age teens, they were all fully occupied with their mobile phones.

Not that I am against the progress and the new technologies as such, they really are making our life much easier, but one has to wonder, whether they don’t make our lives far too easy, too. Easy and stupid.

I mean, to see a group of teenagers sitting together, each of them playing their phone and not talking to one another at all, goes a bit too far, I should say. It is the peak stupidity, to be in a group of fellow human beings only to isolate yourself and do what you do when you are at home on your own.

Zombies. That’s what they are called. Can’t leave that mobile phone in the bag. Talking to “friends” on social network and ignoring the one sitting right next to you. Unreal world, indeed.

One can see the contrast on a bus or a tram. You don’t see the older generation (older than me) play with their phones, and I can bet they have one. But they use their phone the way a phone is used, to make a call.

When one thinks back of the world some 20 years ago, it feels like a few centuries have passed, in some respects for sure. We might not have had it so nice and flashy around us, but the lack of communication, which is quite commonplace these days, was absolutely unthinkable back then. And I am not talking communism. I am talking technology.

I hear it is the first time in 15 years that Apple will hold their annual presentation conference without introducing a new mobile phone. Apple, no new mobile phone! Poor zombies! So the things are slowing down a bit.

But still, one has to wonder, if the things move on at this pace, what will these kids see around them, when they grow old… Perhaps very little, unless something new comes our way. Something, which will make the smart phones obsolete and ridiculous…

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