L-1: English Dialogues 45

https://open.spotify.com/episode/2Pc8vI2uEfeh0e4nwUyJZw?si=DGHv1TY0Qr6D_KikKFVdJw 'What is that book? What are you reading?' 'Oh, it's an old book. I found it at a thrift shop yesterday. It's called The Lost Treasures of Spain.' 'That sounds interesting. Who is the author?' 'It was written by a guy named Rodrigo Gomez. He lived in the 16th century.' 'Wow, that's really old. … Continue reading L-1: English Dialogues 45

L-1: English Dialogues 41

https://open.spotify.com/episode/0jV4pvhwwm1IIVdpjNd2CQ?si=XMj6PVF3TLizBpCt8NmojQ 'Do you have a mobile phone?' 'Yes, of course I have a mobile phone. Everybody has one.' 'Really? Are you sure that everybody has a mobile phone?' 'Well, maybe the people in some very poor countries don't have a mobile phone. But here, in Europe, everybody has one.' 'Maybe you are right. And maybe … Continue reading L-1: English Dialogues 41

L-1: English Dialogues 40

https://open.spotify.com/episode/5feg2mh06LKTubNxdfV8Mb?si=YjEBvckKS9aQn69GZDPzJg 'Would you like some chocolate?' 'No, thank you.' 'Why? I thought that you like chocolate.' 'Yes, you're right. I love chocolate.' 'So why don't you want it now? Please, take some!' 'No, thank you. I eat too much chocolate. It's not good for my health. I want to eat less chocolate.' 'OK. Now I … Continue reading L-1: English Dialogues 40