There was a young woman who didn’t like paying for things. She travelled to Greece and stayed in expensive hotels. She ate very expensive food. She drank very expensive drinks. But she did not have any money.

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She told the person at the reception desk that her husband is very rich. She said: ‘My husband is very busy and he had to finish some business. But he will come in few days and he will pay for everything. So please, when I eat or drink, just make a long bill. My husband will pay it all.’

But she didn’t have any husband. She made it up. After few days, she left the hotel and went to a different city. There she went to another hotel and used the same trick.

Maria lived this way in many countries and for many years. She travelled all around the Europe. She stayed in expensive hotels, but she never paid.

Allegedly, the police caught Maria before the Christmas and now she is in the prison. They put her in the prison because the police think that she will run away before the trial.

bill /bɪl/ – účet

She made it up. – Vymyslela si to.

trick /trɪk/ – trik

trial /ˈtraɪəl/ – súdny proces