Today was Jake’s study day. He never worked on Friday. He took the opportunity which his company offered to him for his good work. The management agreed for him to use every Friday to study for his projects.

Jake didn’t like to use the internet. Yes, he was a bit old fashioned, but on top of that, he didn’t believe that the information he could find on the internet was reliable. He preferred to search for the information in the old way – in the library.

He loved books. He read fast and he read a lot. And he liked the fact that nowadays most people searched for the information on the internet. Which meant that the libraries were most of the time empty. At least the libraries in his town.

Jake was sitting at his usual desk. He was reading a book on the history of trains. He was writing a book about the famous transport accidents of the last 100 years. It was the third book he was reading about trains and railways. He had already made a lot of notes in the notebook on his desk.

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He finished reading a chapter in the book and put down his glasses. He needed to take some rest and stretch his body a bit.

As he lifted his head, he saw a young woman. She was sitting opposite him on the other side of the big library room and she was watching him. There was something strange about her. Jake looked at her and, suddenly, he felt cold. He knew her from somewhere, but from where? He couldn’t remember.

He stopped looking at her. He needed a break. He collected his wallet, keys and pack of cigarettes from his desk and stood up. When he looked at the place, where the woman had been, it was empty. She was gone.

He started walking towards the door. He really needed a smoke. Maybe a cup of coffee, too.

on top of that – (navyše) – in addition to that

reliable /rɪˈlaɪəbl/ – (spoľahlivý) – that can be trusted to do something well; that you can rely on

stretch /stretʃ/ – (natiahnuť sa) – to put your arms or legs out straight and contract your muscles