Somewhere in Australia, a five-year old boy was walking along the swimming pool near their family house, when he was attacked by a huge snake – python. The snake was about 3 metres long and he bit the boy and turned around his leg. Then they both fell into the water in the swimming pool.

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blog: L-2: Python Attacked 5-year-old Boy

The boy’s grandfather allegedly jumped into the swimming pool and lifted the boy out of the water. The boy’s father came to help them and he immediately caught the boy and pulled him out of the swimming pool. The snake was still holding the boy’s leg, but the father fought against the snake and after a short while, the snake let the boy go.

The boy was scared a lot, but after his parents told him that he was not going to die, he calmed down. He was injured only a little bit. The snake bit him, but it was not dangerous.

Pythons are very common in Australia and they often come close to people’s homes.

injured /ˈɪndʒəd/ – zranený

calm down /kɑːm daʊn/ – ukľudniť sa