Jack was at his desk. He knew that he didn’t have much time. He had to decide quickly.

There was a train at 5:30 PM and he wanted to catch that train. It was his last chance to get out of the city. And he really wanted to get out of there.

He needed to leave in 10 minutes. All his things were packed and in the trunk of his car. Julie was already at the train station.

Suddenly, the phone on his desk rang. He looked at it. It rang again. He picked it up.

‘Are you in the office?’ the voice in the phone asked. It was his boss.

‘Of course, I am in the office. I picked up the phone in my office now,’ replied Jack.

‘Stay there.’


‘Just stay there. Do not go away. Do not call anyone. Do not talk to anyone. Just stay there and wait!’

‘Wait for what?’

‘I’m on my way down,’ said his boss and he hung up the phone.

Jack started thinking. Did they know? He had about two minutes before his boss came down. He had to get out of there. And fast. It was clear to him that they knew everything.

He took the car keys from his desk and put his jacket on. Then he opened the door.

office door - jan vrabec - sparrow's english reader - Level 1 English for begginers
a door / blog: L-1: No Time to Run Away

But it was too late.

trunk /trʌŋk/ – AmE – kufor auta

Suddenly /ˈsʌdənli/ – zrazu, náhle

pick up – zodvihnúť

hang up – položiť (telefón)