Last month the police arrested a young man. He is 26 years old. They searched his house and they found a lot of drugs, a lot of guns and one alligator.

The alligator was almost 1 metre long. They took the animal to vets. When they checked it and made sure that the alligator was healthy, they let him go to live in the wild nature.

the police found the 1 metre long alligator -sparrow's english reader news in easy english
Alligator – Photo by Henning Roettger

But the police think that the young man also had another animal – a tiger. Someone told them that he had a young tiger. It should be 1 year old. It should weigh about 30kg now.

However, when they searched the young man’s house, they did not find any tiger there. They are looking for it now, because they believe that this tiger can be dangerous to other people.

they are looking for the tiger - sparrow's english reader news in easy english
Tiger – Photo by George Desipris

The police says to people: ‘When you see this tiger, do not go near him, but call the police immediately!’

arrest /əˈrest/ – zatknúť

search /sɜːtʃ/ – prehľadať

vet = veterinarian

make sure – uistiť sa

wild /waɪld/ – divoký

weigh /weɪ/ – vážiť

dangerous /ˈdeɪndʒərəs/ – nebezpečný