“Hi. How are you?”

“Not bad, thank you. And how about you?”

“The usual. A lot of work and very little time… Listen, I’m looking for Jack. Did you see him?”

“Yes, I saw him ten minutes ago, but he is not here now. I think that he’ll be back in two hours.”

“Ah, OK. That’s a little problem…”

“Can I help you, perhaps?”

“No, not really. I need to speak to him in person. Never mind. I’ll call him on his mobile phone.”

“Yeah, do that. But I think that he is at a business meeting now. So maybe, he will not take your call.”

“No worries. Can you please tell him that I’m looking for him.”

“Sure, I can. When he gets back, I will tell him that you need to talk to him.”

“OK, thank you!”

in person – osobne

never mind – nevadí; to je jedno..