Sunday, in Old English sunnandæg, which literally means “day of the sun” is the day when God is said to have finished his job in creating us and all that is around us. Then he took some rest, and he also told us to rest, too, so please – relax!

I know it is Monday tomorrow. So what? How many Mondays have you already lived through? Please don’t tell me you still haven’t got used to the cycle of life. No point being unhappy about it. Going to work? Yes, as always. Looking forward to it? Nope. So what? Who cares?!?

Just enjoy the moment, it still is Sunday, after all. Lie back and put some brandy into that coke! If your Monday is going to be extra hard, and you know it, and this brandy in your coke doesn’t do the trick, take my advice – turn it the other way round and put some coke into that brandy! Or if you really feel like it, and can make do without the coke, what the heck, just go for it!

What I am really getting at here is that you should open some good book, perhaps, right on the page where you stopped last week, and do some intellectual feeding. Of course we are talking a book in English because that is what you’ve studied this beautiful language for.

I am not suggesting that you shouldn’t read some books by French writers, for instance, but if you decide to read those, please, read them in French, I dare you!

I remember this boy at the elementary school. We could barely read few letters, yet the nerd would take out his thick book during the breaks between our lessons and having put it on his desk, he would follow with his finger and his eyes, every word and every line, soaking in whoever’s blood those heroes were spilling, utterly ignoring all the rest of us.

I must admit that he inspired me, and I took to reading soon after. I did not go for such thick ones, but I did fairly well and soon turned into an avid reader myself, if it can be said about a seven-year old boy. I know my classmate grew up to be a successful architect, and I can but wonder what the ratio of his Sunday brandy-coke beverage is.

However, knowing his character – and character of man does not change – he can perfectly make do with coke.

But hey, Sunday can have so many tastes!

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