L-2: Dialogues 19

'Take a seat.' 'Can somebody tell me what is going on?' 'I said sit down.' 'I heard you well. But I need you to answer my question. I know my rights.' 'I know your rights, too. But right now I am asking questions and you are answering them. Is that clear?' 'I want to know … Continue reading L-2: Dialogues 19

L-1: Dialogues 20

https://open.spotify.com/episode/21y0XaDQwNvccYAKhmQnW6?si=8oDZwJj9R-mtFxaJdg5lfg 'What are they building here?' 'I don't know exactly. I think it will be a new shopping centre.' 'Another shopping centre! They built one shopping centre last year! And it is not far from here.' 'I know.' 'Who goes there? Everybody says that people don't have money.' 'Yes, I know. I hear it all … Continue reading L-1: Dialogues 20