Sparrow's English Reader - Level 2 Dialogues in Easy English

L-2 DIALOGUES – are short dialogues written in Level 2 English. Here, learners can practice simple conversation and questions. Many of these English sentences can be used in real life. It is good to read and repeat at least some of the sentences aloud. Here we focus on Past Continuous Tense and Infinitive Structures. Later we will also provide audio recording for each Level 2 Dialogue in English.

L-2: Dialogues 13

‘I think we will finish this in one or two hours.’ ‘Well, I will need to go in about ten minutes.’ ‘But we need to finish this thing today.’ ‘I understand that. But I’m not … Continue reading L-2: Dialogues 13

L-2: Dialogues 12

‘Why are you here so early? The meeting starts at 13:30.’ ‘I know, but the boss asked me to come earlier.’ ‘Did he? Do you know why?’ ‘He wants us to go through the report … Continue reading L-2: Dialogues 12

L-2: Dialogues 11

‘Mark, do you have a few minutes, please.’ ‘I think so. Why? Do you need me to help you with something?’ ‘Yes, I do. I need you to talk to your brother about something.’ ‘About … Continue reading L-2: Dialogues 11

L-2: Dialogues 10

‘Did you see Mary?’ ‘Yes, I did. But she’s not here now.’ ‘Why? Where did she go?’ ‘I don’t know where she went. She didn’t tell me anything. But she asked me to give this … Continue reading L-2: Dialogues 10

L-2: Dialogues 9

‘Which way are we going now?’ ‘I’m not sure. I don’t know exactly where we are.’ ‘OK, let’s talk to those people to get some help.’ ‘I don’t think that they can help us.’ ‘Why … Continue reading L-2: Dialogues 9


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