Sparrow's English Reader - Level 1 Dialogues in Easy English

L-1 DIALOGUES – are short dialogues written in very simple Level 1 English for beginners. Here you can practice simple conversation and questions. You can use many of these easy English sentences in real life. It is good to read and repeat them aloud. We also have audio recording for each Level 1 Dialogue in English.

L-1: Dialogues 18

‘You look tired!’ ‘I am tired.’ ‘Why are you tired? When did you get up?’ ‘I got up at 6:30 as usual. But that’s not the reason why I am tired.’ ‘So why are you … Continue reading L-1: Dialogues 18

L-1: Dialogues 17

‘Who was that?’ ‘It was John, my brother-in-law.’ ‘Oh, OK. Does he call you often?’ ‘No, he doesn’t. He only calls me when he needs something.’ ‘So, he called you because he needed something?’ ‘Yes, … Continue reading L-1: Dialogues 17

L-1: Dialogues 16

‘The weather’s not very nice today. What do you think?’ ‘No, it isn’t nice weather today. It is cold and cloudy. It is good to stay inside now.’ ‘Do you think that it will rain?’ … Continue reading L-1: Dialogues 16

L-1: Dialogues 15

‘Can I ask you something?’ ‘Of course!’ ‘Where did you buy your shoes?’ ‘My shoes? I bought them in one little shop. It is on the other side of the city. Do you like them?’ … Continue reading L-1: Dialogues 15

L-1: Dialogues 14

‘Where is Judy?’ ‘I don’t know. She was here five minutes ago. Why are you looking for her?’ ‘I just need to talk to her about something.’ ‘Maybe I can help you…’ ‘I don’t think … Continue reading L-1: Dialogues 14


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