‘I’m sorry, I forgot your name. What is it again?’

‘It’s Mark.’

‘Mark, OK. I will remember it this time.’

‘No problem.’

‘Listen Mark. I wanted to ask you something. You know that Jane is having a birthday party next month, do you?’

‘Yes, I do.’

‘Great. And do you have a present for her?’

‘No, I don’t. I have no idea what I should buy for her.’

‘That’s wonderful! I had the same problem!’

‘Really? But why are you saying that it is wonderful?’

‘I’m saying that it is wonderful because you can join us!’

‘I don’t understand.’

‘Look. I talked to some of Jane’s friends and other colleagues here at work. And we all agreed to buy only one big present for her. Would you like to join the group? We agreed to pay €20 each.’

‘Yes, that would be great! And what will we give her as the present?’

‘I am not sure. The girls from the next door will buy something. They didn’t tell me what.’

‘OK. It doesn’t matter. I am sure that they will choose something nice.’

‘Yes, I agree.’

‘I can give you €20 now, if you want.’

‘No, not now. I will collect the money on Monday and give it all to the girls next door on the same day. So please, bring it then.’

‘No problem. I will have it ready for you on Monday.’

‘Wonderful! And then you will sign a birthday card as well. She will get the card together with her present.’

‘OK. Just tell me what to do and when.’

‘Good. Thanks Mark. I’ll be back on Monday.’

‘OK. See you then.