‘Can I help you? Are you looking for something?’

‘No, thank you. I don’t need your help. I’m just having a look.

‘OK. If you need something, just call me. I’ll be over there, at my desk.’

‘OK, but I don’t think that I will need your help. I only had ten minutes and I wanted to kill some time. Now I must go. My bus will be here in a few minutes.’

‘I see. Maybe you will buy something next time.’

‘Maybe. But I don’t come here very often. I live in another part of the city.’

‘I understand. And how do you like this part of the city?’

‘I like it here very much. You have many trees here. You have many small parks with benches. When I am tired, I can sit on one of them and take a rest.’

‘Yes, you are right. We have many trees and many little parks with benches. Many young families go to those parks every day.’

‘I really like it here. Maybe I should come here more often.’

‘I’ll be happy to see you again.’

‘OK. I will talk to you again next time. But now I really have to go or I will miss my bus.’

‘I understand. Have a nice day.’

‘Thank you. And you!’

I’m just having a look. – Len sa pozerám

bench /bentʃ/ – lavička

take a rest – oddýchnuť si