‘I don’t understand this.’

‘What’s wrong?’

‘Well, I had a day off yesterday. Jack called twice and asked me to come to the office. He said it was extremely urgent.’

‘But you didn’t come.’

‘No, I didn’t. Actually, I couldn’t come because I was out of the city.’

‘OK. But now you are here.’

‘Exactly. Now I am here, but I shouldn’t. I should be on holiday today as well.’

‘So why are you here when you should be on holiday?’

‘I am here because Jack asked me to come. When I told him that I couldn’t come yesterday, he asked me to come today. And so I am here.’

‘But Jack isn’t.’

‘No, he isn’t and I don’t understand why.’

‘Well, as I see it, you can go home.’


‘Jack isn’t coming today. And he isn’t coming tomorrow either. He took two days off.

‘You’re joking!’

‘I’m afraid, I’m not. Yesterday, as he was leaving the office, he told me that he wouldn’t come today and tomorrow.’

‘How wonderful! I will need to talk to him about this next week.’

as I see it – ja to vidím tak, že..

He took two days off. – Zobral si dva dni voľno.