‘I need to tell you something.’

‘OK. What is it?’

‘Yesterday I was in the city. I wanted to buy a new suit, but the shop was closed. But I had a lot of time, so I didn’t go straight home.’

‘OK. And where did you go?’

‘I went for a walk to the city centre. I didn’t visit the city centre for a long time.’

‘Of course, you always spend your weekends in the mountains.’

‘Not always, but most weekends I go hiking, you are right.’

‘So what happened in the city yesterday?’

‘Well, I walked through the streets and I decided to have a cup of coffee somewhere. And then I heard my name.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I mean that somebody shouted my name. I turned around because I didn’t know that voice.’

‘And? Who was it?’

‘It was Mary. Mary White.’

‘Mary? What is she doing here? Didn’t she move abroad?’

‘Yes, she did. She moved out to Argentina. I didn’t see her for many years.’

‘What did she say?’

‘We didn’t talk too much because she was in a hurry. She didn’t have much time. But she says hello to you.’

‘Nice of her. Thank you.’

‘And she gave me her number. She would like to meet with you and me and some other friends next weekend.’

‘I would like to talk to her too. She must have some interesting stories from Argentina.’

‘I will call John and Lucy and ask them about the next weekend. I think they will want to come and talk to Mary as well.’

‘Good. Let me know the time and place of the meeting. I will come for sure.’

‘Wonderful! I will let you know.

straight /streɪt/ – rovno, priamo

move abroad /muːv əˈbrɔːd/ – odsťahovať sa do zahraničia