‘What is the weather like? Is it raining?’

‘No, it isn’t. It is sunny now. Sunny and warm.’

‘Very good. The weather was awful in the morning.’

‘Did you bring your umbrella in the morning?’

‘No, I didn’t. I forgot it at home. I was in a hurry.’

‘Why were you in a hurry?’

‘I didn’t hear my alarm clock, so I overslept. I woke up at 7:40.’

‘And when do you usually get up?’

‘I usually get up at 6:50. I always make a cup of coffee and drink it in my armchair before I go to work.’

‘I drink coffee, too. I love it! I drink three or four cups of coffee a day. Do you also take sugar and milk in your coffee?’

‘I take only milk. No sugar.’

‘So this morning you didn’t have your usual cup of coffee.’

‘No, I didn’t have my coffee this morning. I woke up at 7:40 and I jumped out of my bed. I quickly brushed my teeth and ran down the stairs to my car.’

‘So you came by car!’

‘No, I didn’t. When I got to my car, I couldn’t find my key. I forgot it at home.’

‘So how did you come to work? Did you come by bus?’

‘No, I didn’t come by bus. My neighbour was at his car. I asked him for a lift.’

‘And did he give you a lift?’

‘Yes. He works near here. He gave me a lift. It wasn’t a problem for him.’

‘Will he take you home as well?’

‘No, he won’t. He is not going home after his work. He is visiting his parents in the afternoon and they live on the other side of the city.’

‘So how will you get home?’

‘I will go by bus. That’s the reason why I am so happy that the weather is nice now.’

give sb a lift – zviezť/odviezť niekoho autom