‘So, what are you going to do about it?’

‘I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. What should I do?’

‘It’s hard to say. But I think that you should sleep on it before you make any decision. In the morning you will have clear head and you will see the whole thing in a completely different light.’

‘I don’t think so. As I see it, no amount of sleep will help me to sort out this problem.’

‘Don’t be so pessimistic! We will find some solution to this problem. You are young and you are healthy. That is the most important thing.’

‘It’s easy for you to say that. But I really cannot see the way out of this.’

‘Oh, come on! That’s the reason why I am saying that you need to sleep on it. It’s just money. We will find some solution, I promise.’

‘It’s very nice of you to say that. I am very lucky to have a friend like you. I feel so lost right now, you know.’

‘I can imagine. It really is shocking news. But try not to think about it now. You really need some sleep. We’ll talk about it tomorrow. OK?’

‘All right then. I’m going to bed now. I hope that I will fall asleep quickly.’