‘I can see that you are looking for something. Do you need some help?’

‘Yes, please. Maybe you can help me.’

‘I’ll try.’

‘I am looking for one shop. I am not from here and I don’t know the streets very well. Maybe, you know the shop. Maybe, you can show me the way.’

‘Sure, I’ll try. What is the name of the shop, please?’

”It’s called Good Old Days. They sell old things. Very old things.’

‘What kind of things? What exactly do they sell there? Do you know?’

‘Yes. They sell many things. Old plates, old cutlery, old books, old decorations, CDs, old clocks, old radios and many other things.’

‘I think I know the shop.’

‘Is it far away from here?’

‘No, it isn’t. It is quite close.’

‘That’s good. So how do I get there, please?’

‘First, you need to go across this bridge. When you are on the other side of the river, go straight on.’


‘There will be two streets. One will be on your right-hand side, the other on your left-hand side.’


‘You take the one on your left-hand side. Then you just walk twenty or thirty metres and the shop should be on your right.’

‘Wonderful. I think I can find the shop now. Thank you very much for your help.’

‘You’re welcome! Have a nice day!’