‘How many times do I need to repeat this to you? I don’t know any Rick Perry. I was not in that part of the city yesterday and I don’t understand why I have to sit here with you and answer all these questions.’

‘Mr Steiner, there are some witnesses who told us that you know Rick Perry very well.’

‘Are there? What witnesses? Who are they?’

‘That, of course, we cannot tell you. It is enough to say that we know for sure that you know Rick.’

‘And if I do? Is it a crime to know somebody?’

‘No, not at all. We are only saying that some people saw you and Rick near that restaurant yesterday night.’

‘If you say so.’

‘Mr Steiner, we would like you to say it.’

‘You want me to say what? That I was at the restaurant yesterday? OK, I was there. Happy?’

‘Was Rick Perry there with you?’

‘Yes. He was there with me. Sometimes we meet and go out to eat something and talk.’

‘But five minutes ago you said that you didn’t know any Rick Perry.’

‘Now I know him.’

‘How come?’

‘I thought you were talking about some other Rick.’

‘But you said you didn’t know any Rick Perry.’

‘I heard Berry, not Perry. Now I can hear you much better.’

‘How come?’ – How is it possible?