‘Where is John?’

‘He’s in the kitchen.’

‘In the kitchen? What is he doing there? Is he making his coffee?’

‘No, he isn’t making coffee. He is baking bread.’

‘Bread? Why? He can go and buy it in a shop.’

‘I know, but he doesn’t like the bread from a shop. He thinks that they don’t sell good bread.’

‘I didn’t know that he can make bread.’

‘Nobody knows about that. It is John’s secret.’

‘OK. Who taught him how to make bread? Did you teach him how to make it?’

‘No, I didn’t. I cannot make bread.’

‘So who taught him that?’

‘Nobody. He learnt it by himself. He looked for a recipe on the internet. He tried two or three recipes. Then he chose one of them. He uses that recipe all the time.’

‘Does he often make bread?’

‘He makes his bread at least three times a week. He likes spending his time in the kitchen. It is a kind of relaxation for him.’

‘OK, now I understand. So he makes his own bread because it’s his hobby.’

‘Correct. He is now listening to some music or a podcast in English and at the same time he is making his bread.’

‘OK. Can I please leave a message for him? When he comes out of the kitchen, can he call me back please. I need to speak to him.’

‘Sure, but I can tell him now.’

‘No, let him finish his bread first. It is not urgent.’

‘OK, he will call you back later.’


recipe /ˈresəpi/ – recept