‘Hello Carla. It’s Roger. Are you okay?’

‘How did you get my number?’

‘We have our ways. It wasn’t that difficult..’

‘Wait! Let me guess. It was the credit card, right?’

‘Yes. The credit card. Come on Carla. We are FBI. It’s easy for us to find a number.’

‘Well, if you can do it, then they could do it too.’

‘I guess so. From now on you should make only small payments and pay only with cash.’


”Carla. Are you there?’

‘Yes. I’m still here.’

‘Are you safe?’

‘I thought I was safe, but I’m not so sure now.’

‘I have some information. I will be in the city tomorrow. I think we should meet.’

‘Why should we meet?’

‘You have to trust me, Carla. Your life is in danger right now.’

Don’t you say! I know very well that my life is in danger. The question is what are you guys going to do about it!’

‘What do you mean?’

‘What do I mean? You just said that my life is in danger. And you are FBI. That’s what I mean.’


‘What did Director O’Neil say?’

‘Nothing. I didn’t talk to him.’

‘Why not? You said you would speak to him about this mess. What’s going on?’

‘We are not taking an action at this time.’

‘You’re joking! So what am I supposed to do?

‘That’s why we need to meet. We need to talk.’

‘You’re a joke Roger. I’m hanging up!’

From now on – odteraz

Don’t you say! – Ale nehovor!

What am I supposed to do? – A čo mám robiť?