‘Are you busy?

‘Yes, I am very busy now. I have a lot of work. And what about you? Are you busy too?’

‘Yes, I am. But not as much as usual. I have a lot of work, that’s true. But I can leave some of that work for the next week. I am doing only the most urgent things.’

‘I see. Well, I have to finish everything by Friday. That’s the reason why I am working so hard.’

‘Why? Why do you have to finish everything by Friday? Is the end of the world coming?’

‘No, I hope not! But I am flying to China on Saturday.’

‘To China? For how long?’

‘I will spend two weeks there.’

‘But why are you flying to China?’

‘We have some business partners there. We buy many things from China and then we sell them here.,’

‘Do you often visit China?

‘I go there twice or three times a year.’

‘Do you like it there?’

‘Oh, yes. I like it very much. I like to see how China changed. It used to be a poor country. Many people were very poor in China. But now millions and millions of the Chinese have a good job. They have nice roads, cars, trains. They have mobile phones, internet shops.’

‘So they are like us.’

‘They have different culture, but they are a rich country now. I am always looking forward to visiting that country.’

‘One day I will go to China, too.’

‘Yes, you should!’