‘So where are they?’

‘They’re on their way. They will be here shortly.’

‘What do you mean they will be here shortly? It’s half past six. You said we would meet at six.’

‘Yes, I know that I said that. I really didn’t expect them to be so late.’

‘So, how much longer do we have to wait for them?’

‘Not too long. They should be here in five or ten minutes.’

‘How do you know?’

‘They sent me a text message.’

‘When did they send it? I didn’t hear anything.’

‘Of course you didn’t hear anything. I have my mobile phone in silent mode.’

‘So how did you hear it?’

‘I didn’t hear it. I felt it. My fitness watch is connected to my mobile phone. This way I do not disturb anyone and at the same time I always know when I get a message or when someone calls me.’

‘I see. But I’ll tell you something. If they do not come in ten minutes, I’ll leave. I do not trust people who cannot come on time.’

‘OK. As you wish. But we don’t know why they are so late. They might have a very good reason. And remember they sent a message that they can’t come on time.’

‘Whatever. I will wait for ten minutes at most. Then I’m gone.’

on their way – na ceste

This way… – Takto / Týmto spôsobom,

at the same – zároveň

at most – nanajvýš