‘Where is he?’

‘He left an hour ago.’

‘Why did you let him go?’

‘And what were we supposed to do? We couldn’t tie him to the chair.’

‘Why didn’t you call me earlier?’

‘What do you mean earlier? We called you as soon as he walked into the offices and asked for you. You said you would come in fifteen minutes.’

I got delayed.

‘OK, but don’t blame it on us! We did all we could to keep him here. We told him that you would come in about twenty minutes. We asked him to wait for you and offered him some coffee. But after half an hour he just got up and left.’

‘Did he say anything?’

‘Actually, yes, he did. He said it was a bad way to do the business. He was very upset.’

‘But did he leave any message for me? Did he ask me to call him and arrange another meeting?’

‘No, he didn’t. On the contrary! He asked us to tell you that he doesn’t want you to call him ever again.’

‘OK, that’s fine. I’m going to call him right now.’

‘Do what you want. But as I said, he was extremely upset.’

what were we supposed to do? – čo sme mali robiť?

I got delayed. – Zdržal som sa.

On the contrary! – Naopak!