‘Hi Peter. Do you have some time this afternoon?’

‘Sure. Why?’

‘I need some help in the garden.’

‘OK. No problem. What exactly do you need?’

‘We have an old walnut tree in our garden. It is very high now. Some branches look dangerous.’

‘And you want to cut down the tree, correct?’

‘No, not the whole tree. I want to cut off a few branches at the top of the tree. But the tree is too close to the house.’

‘And you are afraid that the branches will fall on the roof of your house.’

‘Yes, exactly. I need your help.’

‘What will I do?’

‘We will tie one end of a rope on the branch and you will hold the other end. When I cut off the branch, you will pull the rope. In this way, the branch will fall down on the ground and not on the roof of my house.’

‘OK, no problem. I can help you with that. But I don’t have much time this afternoon. I think we will need at least two hours for this work.’

‘Yes, two hours or more. There are more branches. I want to cut off three or four branches.’

‘OK. So, let’s do it on Saturday. I am free on the Saturday morning. I will come in the morning and we will have a lot of time for this work. Is Saturday OK for you?’

‘Yes, Saturday is perfect for me. Thank you Peter.’

‘No problem. I will be there on Saturday morning.’