‘Open the door, please!’


‘Come on! Open the door!’

‘No, I won’t. Just go away.’

‘I need to talk to you. Really.’

‘But I don’t. I don’t want to talk to you. I want you to go away and leave me alone.’

‘Listen, I know you are a bit angry about what happened yesterday. But you need to understand that I had no choice. They made me take the job.’

‘Oh, please! So you had to take it!’

‘Yes, actually I did.’ I told them that you were much better for that position. I asked them to give it to you.’

‘Yeah? And what did they say to that?’

‘They said that they are very happy with you and your work, but unfortunately, this customer is from the Middle East region. They wouldn’t like to deal with a woman.’

‘So I didn’t get the job just because I am a woman?’

‘Yes, exactly. And everybody in the management feels very sorry about it. Trust me.’

‘I am giving them my notice tomorrow.’

‘Don’t do that!’

‘Why not.’

‘They are in talks with another big customer and they want to offer that job to you!’

‘You’re making it up.’

‘No I’m not. Just open the door and let me talk to you over a cup of coffee, OK.’

I had no choice. – Nemal som na výber.

give notice – dať výpoveď

make sth up – vymýšľať si (niečo)