‘Can I ask you something?’

‘Sure. Go ahead.

‘When was the last time you talked to Peter?’

‘I don’t know exactly. It may be a month or a little bit longer. Why are you asking?’

‘Because I talked to him yesterday.’


‘And he wanted me to lend him some money. A lot of money.’


‘He didn’t say. He said he needed the money for a big project. He said he would give it back to me in six months. With fifty percent on top.’


‘That’s exactly what I said. I wanted to know more about his plans, but he didn’t want to tell me anything.’


‘Yes, it was very strange. So I refused to give him the money. I told him that I couldn’t afford to lend him anything.’

‘I wouldn’t give him any money, either. And what did he say to that?’

‘He asked me to think about it. He said it was a great opportunity for me to make some easy money.’


‘And then he said that before he came to me, he also talked to you about it.’

‘No, he didn’t.’

‘And he also said that you agreed to give him some money. But he needed more, so he came to ask me to lend him some money, too.’

‘What a liar! I never gave him any money! And he never came to me to ask for any money because he knew that I wouldn’t lend him any. He still owes me some money and I am waiting for him to pay it back.’

‘I knew something was wrong. That’s the reason why I came to you and asked about Peter.’

Go ahead. – Pokračuj.