‘When do you need to be there?’

‘I made an appointment for half past five. I still have two hours, no rush.’

‘OK. So, you have time for a cup of coffee.’

‘Yes, I have the time, but I don’t feel like having coffee again. I already had two cups of coffee in the morning.’

‘What a pity. I would like to have some coffee now.’

‘That’s not a problem. I can have some tea instead. If you want us to go to a cafe, we can do that.’

‘That’s very nice of you. I would really like to you to come with me. I didn’t see you for a long time. I think we have a lot to talk about.’

‘Yes, I think you’re right. We have a lot to talk about.’

‘And how are you going to the meeting? Are you going by car?’

‘No, I’m not going by car. I planned to go by tram. It is quite fast and besides, there is no free parking in that part of the city. Not to mention the fact that it is difficult to find a place to park your car there.’

‘OK, so let’s go to a cafe near here and you will watch the time. When you need to go, just tell me and go. I don’t want you to come late to the meeting.’

‘OK, let’s go and find some cafe now.’

besides /bɪˈsaɪdz/ – okrem toho

Not to mention the fact – (A už vôbec) Nehovoriac o tom, že…