‘Could you turn on the light, please? It’s getting dark.’

‘Sure. I wanted to turn it on, too. Are you reading something?’

‘No, I am not reading now, but I think I will read something in a minute. And what are you doing?’

‘I’m going to make some tea and then I will join you. I will read something on my mobile phone.’

‘What kind of tea are you making?’

‘I think I’ll make some herbal tea. I prefer black tea to herbal tea, but it is too late now. Would you like a cup of tea as well?’

‘Yes, please. Thank you. I will have a cup of herbal tea, too.’

‘Good. No problem. I will also put some lemon and honey in it. Would you like some honey or lemon in your tea?’

‘No, thank you. I want no honey. I want no lemon. Just the tea please.’

‘OK. I will be back in few minutes. You can read your book and I will bring the tea for you.’

‘I think I will wait for the tea and then we can talk a little bit. I will read later or tomorrow.’

‘Good idea. I will make the tea and we can talk about your book.’