‘How are you, Jack?’

‘Not bad, not bad. But it could be better. I didn’t sleep much last night. I need to survive this day and tomorrow I will feel much better.’

‘Why didn’t you sleep much last night? I hope you are not ill!’

‘No, not at all! I just needed to finish one project. One of my customers called me yesterday and asked me to do something for him by the morning.’

‘I see. It was something very urgent and it couldn’t wait until the next day.’

‘Yes, correct. He needed me to send it to him as soon as possible. I usually do not work until the morning, but this is a very good customer. He needed my help, so I helped him.’

‘And he will pay for it, won’t he?’

‘Yes, of course. He will pay some extra money because he is very happy now. And what about you? I hope you didn’t have to work late night!’

‘No, I didn’t. I slept very well and I’m full of energy. But I will need it this weekend.’

‘Why? What are you doing this weekend?’

‘I’m going on a hiking trip to the mountains. My friends asked me to join them. I wasn’t in the mountains for a very long time and they go hiking regularly. I hope I will keep the pace with them.’

‘Nice. I think that after the weekend, you’ll be as tired as I am now.’

‘Perhaps I will. We’ll see.’

survive /səˈvaɪv/ – prežiť

customer /ˈkʌstəmə(r)/ – zákazník

keep the pace – udržať krok