‘This month was not very good. We didn’t get enough orders.’

‘Yes, I know. There weren’t many orders, but we sold something.’

‘Something is not enough. We need to sell more. And Peter is at the hospital. That’s not good.’

‘When is he coming back to work?’

‘I don’t know exactly. He called me in the morning that they will let him go home tomorrow. But he will be on sick leave at least for the next two weeks.’

‘OK. So I will help and try to sell our products during these two weeks. But you will need to show me how.’

‘Yes, I think we can try that. But it won’t be easy for you.’

‘Why? People will call to ask about our products. I will tell them the price and some info about it and they will buy it.’

That’s not how it works. People will not call you. You will need to call other people.’

‘What did you say? I will need to call other people? What kind of people?’

‘Anybody. You will need to call people who don’t know you and who don’t want to buy your products.’

‘And how will I sell our products to them, if they don’t want them?’

‘You will have to persuade them to buy them. That will be your job during the next two weeks. We are starting tomorrow.’

sick leave /ˈsɪk liːv/ – PNka;

That’s not how it works. – Takto to nefunguje.