‘What are you doing?’

‘I’m reading.’

‘OK. And what are you reading?’

‘I’m reading a book.’

‘A book? What book?’

‘Well, it isn’t a real book. It is only a short little book. It has only thirty pages.’

‘Thirty pages? What book is it?’

‘It is a little book, it is written in English.’

‘Ah, OK. So it is a short book in English. Now I understand. Thirty pages are many pages when you read them in English.’

‘Yes. It is too many pages for me.’

‘And can you understand the book? Can you understand what you are reading?’

‘Yes, I can. But not everything. And I have to use my dictionary all the time. There are many new words for me.’

‘But you learn English words every day.’

‘Yes, I learn them every day, but I cannot remember them. I learn them and then I always forget them. Then I have to look into my dictionary again. And then again.’

‘Everybody must do that. Everybody has the same problem when he wants to learn a foreign language.’

‘Yes, but I always forget the words. Sometimes I think that I will never learn English. It is very difficult for me.’

‘Don’t worry. You will learn English very fast. Just don’t stop reading your book in English. Read it every day!’

all the time – stále