‘I need to go now.’

‘No, wait. Don’t hang up on me! I really need to talk to you.’

‘Talk to me about what? You said everything. I said everything. We have nothing more to talk about.’

‘You’re wrong. There is one thing?


‘But I don’t want to talk about it over the phone.’

‘Oh, come on!’

‘No, seriously. We need to discuss this in private.’

‘This is private enough for me.’

‘But not for me. Besides, I have some things which you need to see.’

‘Such as?’

‘There are some pictures.’

‘Pictures? What kind of pictures?’

‘Just pictures. I cannot tell you more. You need to see them.’

‘I really hope you’re not wasting my time.’

‘I swear that you will find them very interesting.’

‘Who’s in the pictures?’

‘I can’t tell you over the phone.’

‘Who’s in them?!’

‘Come and see. Tomorrow evening at The Deer’s Head.’

‘I don’t think I’ll come.’

‘You should.’

‘I’m not interested in any pictures.’

‘You should be.’

‘Who’s in the pictures?’

‘See you tomorrow!’

Don’t hang up on me! – Nezavesuj mi! (telefón)

in private /ɪn ˈpraɪvət/ – v súkromí; osamote

swear /sweə(r)/ – prisahať

you will find them very interesting – Budú ťa zaujímať.