‘Do you have a few minutes? I need to talk to you.’

‘I don’t have much time right now. Could we leave it for tomorrow?’

‘I don’t think so. I am not here tomorrow and it is quite urgent.’

‘OK. Is it for long?’

‘No. I only need a few minutes of your time.’

‘OK, so tell me. What is so urgent that it cannot wait?’

‘It’s simple. I am leaving.’

‘Yes, I know. You said that you aren’t here tomorrow. Are you going on holidays?’

‘No, I’m not going on holidays. I am leaving this company. I am leaving forever.’

‘Why? Are you not happy with your salary?’

‘No, I’m not happy with your salary at all.’


‘And I am not happy with the working hours. And I do not like my desk. And I don’t like the people who work with me.’

‘Is there anything that you like about this company?’

‘No, there isn’t. I don’t like the people and I don’t like this job. I am leaving and I will never come back.’

‘Good. Is that all? I really need to go now. I wish you good luck. And please, don’t forget to close the door.’