‘Good morning. Can I ask you something?’

‘Sure. What’s your question?’

‘I am looking for Mr. Pan. I know that he lives here, but I don’t know on which floor. Do you know Mr. Pan?’

‘Do you mean Mr. Peter Pan?’

‘I think so. I am not sure about his first name…’

‘OK. I think that he lives on the 67th floor.’

‘On the 67th floor!? So high!’

‘Yes, so high. It’s Peter Pan!’

‘How many floors does this building have?’

‘It has 82 floors. So the 67th floor is not the highest floor.’

‘Yes, I understand that. But it is very high, do you agree?’

‘Yes, I agree. But you can take the lift. You just press the button and the lift will take you up to the 67th floor in a very short time.’

‘I wanted to take the stairs, but I think I will take the lift because it is too high for me.’

‘Nobody takes stairs. Everybody takes the lift.’

‘Maybe the people from the first or the second floor take the stairs.’

‘Maybe, but I never met people from the first or the second floor.’

‘Thank you for your help. Have a nice day!’

‘No problem. Have a nice day, too!’