There was an elderly woman sitting on a bus. The bus was crowded and all the seats were taken. Many people stood next to the seats and also next to the door.

Peter stood next to the seat, where the elderly woman sat. He stood there and looked out of the window. There were many people on his left and on his right side.

On the next bus stop, the woman got up and started to push other people because she wanted to get off the bus. Some other people got off the bus, too. But it was not easy because there were many people next to the seats and they didn’t want to move.

The seat was empty and Peter wanted to sit down. But when he looked at the seat, he saw that there was something on it. It was a dark blue glove. The woman forgot it on the seat.

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Peter looked around. The woman was at the door. She was almost out of the bus. He took the glove and he quickly went to the door. But there were many people in his way and they slowed him down.

Finally, he got to the door. He heard the bell over the door. The bus driver wanted to close it. He quickly pushed forward and got off the bus. The door closed and the bus left.

He looked at the bus. Now he had to wait for another full bus. ‘The next bus will come in 45 minutes,’ he thought. It was not good, but at least he had the glove.

He looked around. He saw the elderly woman. She walked away from the bus stop. He ran after her and came to her after few seconds. He showed her the dark blue glove and said: ‘Excuse me, you forgot this on the seat of the bus.’

She looked at the dark blue glove, then she looked at Peter and she said: ‘I don’t want it. It’s not mine.’

crowded /ˈkraʊdɪd/ – preplnený ľuďmi

seat /siːt/ – seadadlo, miesto na sedenie

push /pʊʃ/ – tlačiť

glove /ɡlʌv/ – rukavica

slow down – spomaliť

bell /bel/ – zvonček

at least /ət liːst/ – aspoň